who i am * why i’m here

my name is sally anne i am trapped in the sex industry b/c i’m stuck in a #paperless_existence.

i’m a us citizen but the uscis { formerly ins }  lost my naturalization paperwork and now i cannot obtain or renew ANY id. so i’m living just like an illegal alien, unable to obtain identification of any sort, drive a vehicle or even secure legitimate employment

i turned to work in the sex trade as a provider of erotic services just to be able to survive

i have made multiple peititions to all appropriate channels w/in uscis to obtain my proof of citizenship, but they insist i am not found in their system.  meaning they’ve lost my records – as i previously DID have a file with them !

i entered the united states legally and received a green card followed by full-fledged citizenship

i will post my entire story in detail shortly


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