why am i trapped in the sex industry ?

in my own particular case : my continued presence in the sex industry is due to a number of unrelated, but coinciding factors that collided together to form one massive barrier to living and enjoying a normal life or pursuing the “american dream”
although i entered this country legally, i have severe immigration complications : i arrived initially on an orphaned visa, sponsored by my adoptive parents and shortly thereafter received a green card { giving me permanent resident status } and sometime later  full-fledged citizenship, as a naturalized american.
however :  this all took place in the 1970’s, when the federal agency then known as the ins { now uscis } was still back in the day storing their records via microfiche/microfilm, backed up by hard-copy paper files.  while the hardcopy files are still around, by law they were required to retain them; the warehousing system moved from the older record storing systems to digitally uploaded electronic data.  in the process of converting the files, all records were intended to be properly entered into the new computer system, but some simply were accidentally misplaced, misfiled or left out altogether
in most cases : someone seeking their immigration records has a xerox copy of their file in their posession, or readily accessible; perhaps through an attorney or family member or close friend.  in my case :  i have no siblings or extended family and am estranged from my adoptive parents.  so thats not even an option.
the only reason i’m now just recently faced with this complication is due to the effects of the <real ID > act. although legislated and passed in 2005, it was not implemented in most states until several years later, the process of switchover being a lengthy one. 
eventually however : DMV’s in all 50 states were mandated into compliance and in accordance with this new law i had to provide proof of citizenship or  at minimum :
<*legal presence* > in this country  . the fact i’ve been in america since i was 18 months old notwithstanding !
this all just ocurred in 2012, so ive been fighting this battle for not so very long, but long enough to make my life a living hell.
uscis – the bureau of citizenship & immigration services lost my file – i mentioned earlier how this mightve happened – and now is telling me i’m not in the computerized database !  thats fine and good, but the fact remains i DO have a hardcopy file thats warehoused in the federal immigration archives in missouri, they just wont make the effort to locate it. 
i ve petitioned and pleaded so many times, using all appropriate channels and they still wont entertain my requests & demands to search for my elusive papers
short of a us disctrict judge in federal court issuing a <order of production> directed at the uscis to produce my immigration file, i will be stuck in this paperless existence AND trapped in the sex trade b/c i still have to support myself. its all about survival for me
at the same time ; i can’t even work in the legitimate, licensed arena of adult entertainment. instead i’m relegated to  whats known as “underground” sex work, the netherworld, or underbelly of the sextrade that is fraught with danger and peril. 

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