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greetings, one and all ! my name is sally anne. this profile attempts to tell my story . its 100% true though i wish with all my heart it werent ~
although my plight is certainly drastic, my *faith* in GOD and in his goodness supercedes all the travesty and hardship i’m having to endure.
please share my story w/ everyone you know.
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blessings to everyone 🙂

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why am i trapped in the sex industry ?

in my own particular case : my continued presence in the sex industry is due to a number of unrelated, but coinciding factors that collided together to form one massive barrier to living and enjoying a normal life or pursuing the “american dream”
although i entered this country legally, i have severe immigration complications : i arrived initially on an orphaned visa, sponsored by my adoptive parents and shortly thereafter received a green card { giving me permanent resident status } and sometime later  full-fledged citizenship, as a naturalized american.
however :  this all took place in the 1970’s, when the federal agency then known as the ins { now uscis } was still back in the day storing their records via microfiche/microfilm, backed up by hard-copy paper files.  while the hardcopy files are still around, by law they were required to retain them; the warehousing system moved from the older record storing systems to digitally uploaded electronic data.  in the process of converting the files, all records were intended to be properly entered into the new computer system, but some simply were accidentally misplaced, misfiled or left out altogether
in most cases : someone seeking their immigration records has a xerox copy of their file in their posession, or readily accessible; perhaps through an attorney or family member or close friend.  in my case :  i have no siblings or extended family and am estranged from my adoptive parents.  so thats not even an option.
the only reason i’m now just recently faced with this complication is due to the effects of the <real ID > act. although legislated and passed in 2005, it was not implemented in most states until several years later, the process of switchover being a lengthy one. 
eventually however : DMV’s in all 50 states were mandated into compliance and in accordance with this new law i had to provide proof of citizenship or  at minimum :
<*legal presence* > in this country  . the fact i’ve been in america since i was 18 months old notwithstanding !
this all just ocurred in 2012, so ive been fighting this battle for not so very long, but long enough to make my life a living hell.
uscis – the bureau of citizenship & immigration services lost my file – i mentioned earlier how this mightve happened – and now is telling me i’m not in the computerized database !  thats fine and good, but the fact remains i DO have a hardcopy file thats warehoused in the federal immigration archives in missouri, they just wont make the effort to locate it. 
i ve petitioned and pleaded so many times, using all appropriate channels and they still wont entertain my requests & demands to search for my elusive papers
short of a us disctrict judge in federal court issuing a <order of production> directed at the uscis to produce my immigration file, i will be stuck in this paperless existence AND trapped in the sex trade b/c i still have to support myself. its all about survival for me
at the same time ; i can’t even work in the legitimate, licensed arena of adult entertainment. instead i’m relegated to  whats known as “underground” sex work, the netherworld, or underbelly of the sextrade that is fraught with danger and peril. 

getting to know me & my situation

                   *******   MY STORY ******
MY DILEMNA :      i am an american, not by birth but by virtue of adoption.  i was brought to the us when i was only 18 months old.  previously, in my native country :   i resided in a government – run orphanage.  with no parents and no family, i was a “ward of the state”
my life took a turn for the better when i was hand-selected amongst so many needy children to come to america and have a real family.  i have no memories of my native land.  english is my first language.  
my adoptive parents sponsored me into this country and did so via an orphan visa, which is the official means to bring a minor to the us for the purpose of adoption.  once the adoption was final they procured for me a green card, and sometime later :  i officially became a naturalized us citizen.
the whole process took place via the proper legal channels and was handled entirely by my parents. at all times ; i was too young to file anything on my own behalf or play a significant  role in any of the proceedings.  i don’t even recall any of it taking place. but i know that i am a us citizen b/c i previously possessed a passport and social security card.
when i got my first driver’s license at around age 17 it was in the 1990’s and no agency ever demanded any paperwork of me to prove that I’m here lawfully.    i managed to get through the next two *decades* of life in exactly the same way.  i renewed my license by dropping by the dmv and paying a fee.
the whole nation changed in the mid-2000’s as result of the <real id act of 2005>.
originally intended as a noble purpose :  to combat terrorism and thereby keep better track of foreign nationals in the us ; it was approved by congress and federally mandated across the nation and ordered by the government to be implemented in every single us state and territory.   at its most basic level :  the <real id act> forces states to comply with the federal initiative by checking the birth & immigration status for every single individual seeking to obtain – or even renew- their driver’s license or state ID card.
there is no-one in america who has not somehow been affected by this new legislation.  native-born citizens are forced to produce their birth certificate while those who show as being born overseas must provide proof of <legal presence> in the us.  not citizenship, per se. just legal presence.   additionally :  although the legislation was passed in 2005, states were given several years to morph into compliance, and even at that :  they did not randomly question anyone’s citizenship status. 
      rather : they merely waited until people would show up at the dmv seeking a renewal of their existing license or id and THEN they would get at them w/ the new law. in my case :  i had renewed immediately prior to the legislation taking effect, so i myself was not up for renewal again til around late 2011 or early 2012
although i most definitely AM a us citizen, i was not able to prove it b/c i had nothing in my immediate possession, or at home to show that i had been naturalized. dmv personnel did work with me and extended my driver’s lic for three months and sent me on my way with a reminder to procure the proof of naturalization.
that’s when i ran into problems so serious the worse doomsayers couldn’t have predicted it.  i petitioned the uscis – the agency formerly known as the ins – for my citizenship papers and here they go telling me i am not in their system !  i kept at it, but they just steady responded that i was no where to be found in their database.  this went on for over a year. during this time, my temporary license and state id expired and i lost my social security card. things went from bad to worse.  i reached out to a faith-based sex worker ministry which ended up linking me up with an experienced, renowned immigration attorney who agreed to do some limited work to see if those records could be traced.  uscis rebuffed each and every one of her efforts and simply repeated to her that i wasn’t in the system.
obviously ; i was aghast at this, but she explained that this federal agency has an abysmal history of record-keeping and a reputation for being highly disorganized to boot.   drawing on her knowledge and experience and previous history w/other clients ; she clued me in on various elements of which the general public is unaware :   the fact that the uscis has only been using computerized databases as recently as the 1980’s.  i was adopted several years before then, and the switchover from hardcopy paper files backed up by microfilm data  to digitally uploaded records took place sometime in the early 80’s.  it is altogether possible, she clarified : for the agency to have misplaced my hardcopy file during this procedure, in fact it has happened before with other immigrants.  its a rare occurrence indeed, but not entirely unheard of.  and when it does occur; they will not admit it.   in most cases ; the immigrant has a xerox copy of their paperwork bearing something called an <alien registration number> and records can often be sought and traced that way. but i had no copies and didn’t know when and where all the different stages of the  process had even took place, as we lived in different states when i was growing up and the entire immigration procedure for a foreign adoptee can often take between three and six years, from the time the orphan visa is processed to the actual naturalization .
former president  bill clinton streamlined the method in 1996 by signing a law that allows for overseas adoptees to become citizens upon the adoption becoming final, but i was born almost 20 years before that legislation was passed and it was *not* effected to apply retroactively. so no luck for there either….
we are now in well past the mid-point of 2015 and for the previous three years i have had no options for legitimate employment.  the ssa wont replace my social security card w/out valid id and the dmv wont issue me a license or state id in the absence of my naturalization paperwork, making legitimate work impossible to obtain.  i can’t even work in the safe, licensed spheres of the adult entertainment industry, such as a gentlemen’s club, lingerie or nude < modeling parlor>, or peep-show b/c they  are so heavily regulated that they are required by law to collect government- issued identification from every prospective hiree or face being shut down as they are often spot-checked by the authorities, all the more so b/c of the fact they are a sexually – oriented business.
this has pushed me into the “netherworld” of the sex industry, basically relegating me to escort agencies – virtually all of whom exploit the ladies via the ~fee split~ which is tilted in favor of the agency, leaving the girl to make up the rest in “tips”. the other alternative, is independent sex work as an escort or masseuse.  its unsafe and fraught with peril.  its not an environment anyone should be caught up in.  its even LESS acceptable to be forced into this situation b/c a federal agency wont give a us citizen paperwork to which they are entitled as a matter of law.

who i am * why i’m here

my name is sally anne i am trapped in the sex industry b/c i’m stuck in a #paperless_existence.

i’m a us citizen but the uscis { formerly ins }  lost my naturalization paperwork and now i cannot obtain or renew ANY id. so i’m living just like an illegal alien, unable to obtain identification of any sort, drive a vehicle or even secure legitimate employment

i turned to work in the sex trade as a provider of erotic services just to be able to survive

i have made multiple peititions to all appropriate channels w/in uscis to obtain my proof of citizenship, but they insist i am not found in their system.  meaning they’ve lost my records – as i previously DID have a file with them !

i entered the united states legally and received a green card followed by full-fledged citizenship

i will post my entire story in detail shortly